After the war

Up from the ashes was born new life

Community spirit,  side by side

Working together improving

Relationships, giving women

Freedom.  Men had to fight.


England is a new photograph

Counting the wounds. Remembering

The wars best years. Forgetting

The coming together, Community!


Friends Meeting in Silence.

Silent, peaceful mind, rounded with God’s kiss,

Hugging yourself inside these soft covers

You lie and ponder poetry, in your heart

To help keep the unwanted thoughts at bay.

Watching with eyes, almost close to seeing.

We become half asleep, half awake, drugged

Like sleepless walkers, wandering alone

With the wonder of this meditative state.


Leave all your problems behind at the door.

Come to this magical place. I invoke

You: take this kiss in your hand. Arise,

Listen to your beautiful heart, awaking.