After the war

Up from the ashes was born new life

Community spirit,  side by side

Working together improving

Relationships, giving women

Freedom.  Men had to fight.


England is a new photograph

Counting the wounds. Remembering

The wars best years. Forgetting

The coming together, Community!



Friends Meeting in Silence.

Silent, peaceful mind, rounded with God’s kiss,

Hugging yourself inside these soft covers

You lie and ponder poetry, in your heart

To help keep the unwanted thoughts at bay.

Watching with eyes, almost close to seeing.

We become half asleep, half awake, drugged

Like sleepless walkers, wandering alone

With the wonder of this meditative state.


Leave all your problems behind at the door.

Come to this magical place. I invoke

You: take this kiss in your hand. Arise,

Listen to your beautiful heart, awaking.

From chrysalis to butterfly

Love and loss


Tonight I’m going as Persephone.

My ivory dress covering my feet.

There is no moon as

I walk to the nightclub.


The dark air engulfs me

Wet drops, thundering while

Red, golden leaves whisper

grimly “take care.”


The pavements, once dry

Are now flooded.

My eyes mist over, maybe it is the wine?

Remembering Haden had left me spellbound.


Was I shivering from the cold, or desire?

When he had looked into my eyes,

What is this coursing though my veins?

I never saw the car; it came too fast!





Slam on the brake.

Screeching tyres.


A ghostly shape lies scattered

amongst the crimson leaves


Dead silence.


Keep breathing.



Tumbling out of my car.

My boots crunch on

broken glass.

In ignorant bliss
one split second

Is enough

To change

a life


dum dum shh, dum dum shh


Check her blood,

keep her warm.

Safely cocooned

from the world.


dum dum shh, dum dum shh



shrouded in white,

keeping her healing body alive,

stroking her hand.


dum dum shh, dum dum shh


Facemask connecting

to life support,

helping her vegetated
body breathe.


dum dum shh, dum dum shh


You look at us

expecting miracles.

We are the instruments,

to guide the departing back to life!





My eyelids gently open,

to the sound of my grandfather’s voice,

reading my first poem:
“I am a frozen rose,

Mirroring life!”

I am a frozen thorn,

Battling the beats of life!”


I recall that sweet memory,

as a little girl, reciting this same poem;

my grandfather, my only audience.


“That’s the best poem, I have ever heard.

You’ve put the words right into my heart.”


His calloused hands touch my cheeks.


Reconnecting with that happy little girl.
I had reason to live
once again


Sensitive soul awaits her


Sensitive soul awaits her;

short breath turned to sighs.

there is magic in here.


Life is precious to Stephanie,

people pray for her salvation.


Home now holding each day as a memory.

Rewriting Delete her hero’s journey.


She is here to learn to live with her loss,

that a split second can change her story.


Cruelly torn away,

acceptance is hard,

no longer lying dead,

alive and half returned.


The light will shine through,

as it always has, bringing her new life.


To live with us once more.


Hundreds of candles burn

as a reminder of their prayers:


‘’Dear Father,


Let her be your vessel,

Give her the tools live out her days.

Teach her to live in balance with herself.
Hear our prayers.”



Parallel bars


Sitting in my wheelchair,

gazing at a blackbird learning to fly.


wings fluttering, it’s hopping about

The mother’s beak pecking

“go on, you can do it.”


I wheel myself to the bars.

The effort makes me tremble,


My chest contracting


“can I do this?”


Tight knuckles, gripping,

Hopeful tears wetting my hands.


The mothers are twittering.




Remember to breathe.


Slowly moving forward reaching the end,

One step forward,

Another step


She’s off



A new way to live


The sun beckons me to write

Words whisper in my mind
I’ve got to write them down.


My back supported against a cheery tree:
like me is busy ripening its fruits.
Words become sentences;
my story- to share with the world.


The birds sing rhythmically,
while my pen carries me
across the newly written pages.


Falling in love with my poetry!



Dear readers,

The sun’s embraces me.

Secure in its silent beauty,

A mature blackbird fly’s past.

I watch it with wonder in my heart.


Smiling, I remember the day,
taking my first steps along the parallel bars.

I whisper a secret thank you,

to the chick for being there

and to all the people wishing me well


I dedicate this to you, Grandfather;

You gave me the reasons to live


I wander to my rosebush
the fragrance of the rose breathes its blessing

While a thorn tickles at my awareness


I came to another Haden.
Now- I am in love with myself
My Heaven!

My life didn’t stop that day.

It began!